Guarantee Terms

  • - The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the goods and changes according to the material.

    - In the event of malfunction within the warranty period, the period of repair will be added to the warranty period. The repair period of the goods can not exceed 5 business days. This period starts from the date of giving notification to the the service station, if he is not existed, then the event of informing manufacturer. Consumer can give notification with; telephone, fax, e-mail or etc. However, in the case of a dispute, the obligation of proof belongs to the consumer.

    - The shipping and accommodation fees of the staff  who will be sent for repair belong to the consumer.

    - In case of malfunction due to material and workmanship, or due to erroneous assemblies within the warranty period of the goods, repairs will be made for a small labor cost.

    - Defects arising from unauthorized using  in the manual are outside the scope of the warranty.

    - İt is possible to apply The Ministry of Custom and Trade, Protection of the Consumer and the General Directorate of Market Surveillance for problems  of the Warranty Terms.